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IP PTZ Desktop Launch Joystick
  • 10 programmable push buttons
  • Three axes resistive PTZ joystick
  • Economical option for security professionals
IP PTZ Desktop Joystick
  • 10 tactile push buttons
  • Two button, three axes Hall effect PTZ joystick
  • Industry standard video surveillance joystick for security professionals
  • Functions similar to the Axis 295 joystick
IP PTZ Desktop Ultima Joystick
  • 10 vibrant high efficiency LED push buttons
  • Two button, three axes Hall effect joystick
  • Premium soft touch business blue coating
VM PTZ Desktop Joystick
  • 3 axes joystick for P/T/Z control
  • 27 programmable Illuminated pushbuttons
  • Jog/shuttle dial
  • USB 1.1 HID compliant “game controller”
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Functions determined by controlled application
RS Desktop Joystick - PTZ Joystick
  • Plug-and-play connectivity
  • Three axes Hall effect PTZ joystick
  • Piano black and brush stainless steel finish
  • Modular components: Keypad, Joystick, Jog dial